Rainbow Loom

Since Christmas, my friends and family have been obsessing over Rainbow Loom. If you haven’t heard of it, rainbow loom is a craft that allows you to make rubber band bracelets and charms. I have made a cupcake, several people, different types of bracelets, penguins, music notes, a reindeer, an owl, a turtle, and much more!

To figure out how to make,


it I go on You tube and search ‘Rainbow loom charms and bracelets’ and so many videos pop up!

I enjoy making Rainbow loom because it is a challenge to see if you can loop each elastic because if one elastic doesn’t work, the whole project falls apart.

I think that whoever came up with the idea of rainbow loom is a genius because when you buy the kit it comes with everything you need like a hook, the loom, some elastics, and the instructions of course.

I am offering to sell 3 of my many charms. I am offering a gymnast for $5, a ladder bracelet with a plastic charm attached to it for $2, and a cupcake for $3. To contact me about buying them, you can leave a comment or email me at clairecanada10@gmail.com.

Here are some pictures of the charms:







The Grade 5 Operetta

As I have mentioned in a few posts before, the grade fives are doing an operetta called “The Gypsy Baron”. In this Operetta (an Operetta is when there is mostly singing and some talking) Arsena -a farm girl- falls in love with a farm boy and when a rich man says to Arsena’s father (Zuspan) that if I marry your daughter then I will give you money, Arsena has to make a tough decision.

In the operetta I am Arsena’s care taker and I help her with the tough decisions. I have 2 solos and 1 duet with Arsena. My name is Katinka (try saying Katinka, it sounds so cool!). Katinka is a half lead.

The audition for the opera was very nerve-racking because I knew that I was singing alone, in front of the choir teacher. He complimented me on my high notes which felt very nice. We found out our parts on the last day of school before Christmas break. I was literally singing and skipping after that day because I was so proud of myself! I can’t wait to get started on the rehearsals!Microphone

The Winter Olympics

I am super excited because this year is the Winter Olympics! The last time there was the Winter Olympics was in Vancouver. It was super fun because we just needed to take a 10 minute car ride to the game.

My favourite sport in the Winter Olympics is Figure Skating. I like it because it is basically gymnastics and dance on ice. My favourite Figure Skating pair is Tessa and Scott because they show so much determination to win the gold! During the 2010 Olympics Tessa had a shin and calf problem and she still dealt with it and won a gold medal with Scott.

For this years Olympics, they are adding some new sports like extreme snow boarding, extreme skiing and a few more that I can’t remember. I can’t wait to see the new sports!

So now you have heard my favourite winter sports so now I want to hear yours! Vote on my poll to see which one is the most popular:


In July we went to the dentist and I found out I have an Over bite and I need braces to fix it. Before the holidays I met with an Orthodontist to find out the dates for getting the braces.

A few weeks ago I went to the Orthodontist for my first (out of three) appointments. I got 2 X-Ray’s for my teeth and then I got 4 tiny elastics put in my back teeth (top jaw) they are supposed to separate my teeth to get ready for the braces. I had to deal with the very painful elastics that kept falling out for 2 weeks! I even swallowed one!

On my second appointment, I had a very disgusting mold that got put in my mouth. It was to see how big my jaw was so the dentist could make the Expander (an Expander is a chunk of metal that goes in my mouth to expand my jaw by my mom turning a key) Once I saw the play dough like mold in the mouth tray that was going in my mouth, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. Once the Dentist put the mold in my mouth, I tried to find out what it tasted like. A little bit like rotten fish, eggs, and some flavours that I didn’t even want to identifie. “10 more seconds Claire, you are doing a good job!” I heard. As soon as the ‘All Clear’ sign reaches, I spit out the mouth tray and go rinse my mouth. After that the Dentist put the 4 elastics back in my mouth.

After a week of anxiety, it was time to get the braces and Expander. I look into my bathroom mirror. My last morning with smooth teeth for 2 years. I walk into the dentist office and sit down in the chair. He starts by pushing on my Expander. Then he polishes my teeth with a minty paste. Then they put ‘Teeth Glue’ to make the brackets stick. While he is putting on the brackets, I had to rinse my mouth. I look into the mirror and laugh. There were wires sticking out everywhere! After about 20 more minutes I am finished. I get a ‘No No’ list and a demo for cleaning the braces.

After school I get home and try to take my mind off the pain. This is my reality for the next 20 months!


This metal thing in my mouth is my Expander.

Maui 2013

This Christmas my family has been super busy so I am sorry I haven’t written a lot. This post is going to be about our family trip to Maui!

It was super fun to relax and be in the sun! We stayed at a very nice resort in a region called Ka’anapali. At the resort we had around 5 different pools! Every day we had the same schedule:

7:30 wake up
8:30 breakfast (sometimes at the resort buffet)
9:30 go to a beach (sometimes local, sometimes far away)
2:00 come home
2:30 shower
3:00 pool
5:00 shower (lots of showers throughout the day!)
5:30 relax
7:00 dinner ( sometimes at resort, sometimes at BBQ that resort provides, sometimes at restaurant)
10:00 bed time!

So as you can see it was a pretty packed day but it was worth all the long drives and showers!
One night we did a kids club so my parents could go out for dinner alone. The theme that night was ghost crab hunting! Ghost crabs are also known as sand crabs and they are pretty spooky. At that camp I made some friends.

On our second to last day in Maui we went Whale Watching with Captain Ryan in a 18 people maximum raft. At the beginning of the boat ride he said to have “Whale Mojo” to attract them. Well, it worked! On our second whale stop there were 2 whales going under our boat! They were so close that when the whale went up for air I could feel a tiny bit of water come out of its blow hole. Near the end of the boat ride he asked if some people would like to put on some goggles, be held by their ankles and stick their head in the water. Cate, my mum, and I all did. That was an experience I will never forget!

My dad was very generous and gave us each $25 to buy souvenirs. I bought a Hawaiian dress, a flower clip, Hawaiian flower lip balm, a necklace, earrings, and turtles made from shells. This stuff is to bring back memories because Maui is a trip I don’t want to forget!










I am super glad it is December 1st. It means only 24 days until Christmas! This weekend my Grand dad came to town and we decorated. our house. The inside is full of Garlands and Reethes. Our elf on the shelf Jojo even came for a visit!
On the outside we have pretty lights. I can’t take a photo of the outside because there is a rainy storm.

At school we do a lot of stuff for Christmas. In Life Skills all the grade 5′s get to do something called “Fill a Stocking!” Project. What you do is your teacher gives you a mini stocking and you go to the dollar store and buy mini toys such as lip balm, dolls, bathroom stuff, etc.
In choir we have a Christmas concert. We sing Christian songs with weird words like faileth (it even auto corrected me!) and thy. We even have a World Vision (press here to see my post about it 2 years ago) service program that happens each year. What you do is your class gets a shiny sparkly box that you put chore money in. Once the day is done the counting crew in service club counts all the money. After we find out the amount of money, we buy an animal for families in need.

My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with your families. You can do that by snowball fights, baking cookies, decorating, and opening presents. Oh, and the present part is pretty fun as well! When you give to somebody it is always fun to see their happy faces.


You may not know this but I am crazy about soccer! I have been playing since I was 4 and have been in 3 different soccer leagues. My favourite soccer player is Christine Sinclair because she is a great leader. During the London Olympics Christine broke her nose but she was so determined that she just kept on playing and it payed off because she got a bronze metal. I hope someday I will be like her!

My favourite position in soccer is striker ( striker is where you are centre forward so you can score goals easier) because I can do some tricks to get passed the other team and when I get to the net, BAM I score. My least favourite position is goalie because I can’t really do anything to help my team score a goal. An embarrassing fact is that It is unlikely to save a goal.

During recess at school I pass a soccer ball with my friends. Sometimes (when the weather is nice) my dad and I go to the park to practice my moves. I have learned a bunch of tricks that help me with my skill. My favourite way to shoot is when the goalie is short and because I am tall I can kick the ball very high and the goalie can’t get it. Before we start a game, my teammates and I come up with a plan to get pass the defence and score a goal. About 30% of the time I score goals and they make it in. Now I hope you realize I love soccer!


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