Provincials 2016

This year my club did not win playoffs, so we wouldn’t be going to provincials. But to my surprise the team that did win, ‘Saanich Fusion’ were down two players and asked my friend and I to join them to play in provincials. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait.

After months of training in the hot summer heat, we finally departed for Penticton, where provincials would be held. The way provincials works is that there are eight teams in each age division, and you are in two groups of four.You play against every team in your group. Let’s say you come third in your group, you will play the team that came third in the other group for fifth place. You play one game a day.

Our first game was against Chilliwack, the winners of Coastal Cup (a tournament where all the winners of playoffs  from different leagues from Vancouver Island and Vancouver get together and compete just for fun to prepare for provincials. I was not a part of Saanich Fusion yet so I did not go to Coastal Cup). This team was good, but so were we. In our game, we had more possession than them, and a million shots on them. They only had four shots, however all four of their shots went in when only one of ours went in. This team ended up winning provincials.

On the second day we played Nelson. We played amazing this game, and ended up winning 4-0, and I assisted every goal. The third day was our last game just playing against teams in our group. We played Kelowna, a strong team that had a very strong defence line, but not strong enough to stop us from beating them  2-1. We finished strong in second place in our group, so we would be playing for third against the team that came second in the other group. This team happened to be the team that creamed Saanich in the semi finals of Coastal Cup 4-1. We knew it would be a tough game. After the first half went by with no goals for either team, we went back on the field confident we could get the ball into the net. Well, I scored the first goal and after that we kept firing balls into the net. The final score was 3-0 and everyone was very happy. We were the third best team in British Columbia!

This trip was one of the best experiences of my life. I made 15 new friends, and a few of them are now some of my closest friends. I really bonded with these girls, wether we were going on giant bikes, swimming in the lake, wrestling in the pool, or watching the Euro’s- I had so much fun. I’m really sad that I won’t be playing with these girls anymore, but I will never forget this. I can’t wait to play against Saanich Fusion next year!








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