A Little Bit About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog:) My name is Claire Pontefract, and I’m from Victoria BC.  This is a place for me to express opinions, rant about problems, and is one of the only places where I am completely myself. This is my tenth year writing on this blog. Enjoy:)


17 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Hi Claire
    Grandad and I wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday for Tuesday! I truely hope you get your dream present of a cat as I know how brilliant they are. They all have their own characters like the cat I used to have. Michael (my son) and I had a cat for many years who was called Dippy. It had been abandoned by his mother and Michael found him and fed him milk from a little pippette. He loved us to bits but he was the neighbourhood rogue and hard-man and would get into fights with every cat around as he was very jealous of his territory. He used to bring us presents of mice and one time he bought me a rabbit from the fields behind our house. Unfortunately he got into one fight too many.. Still he died a hero and we have fond memories of his lovely purr!

    Grandad has arranged a money present to be sent to your Mum and Dad – so do ask them about it.
    Do have a lovely day – are you having a party?
    Lots of love Grandad and Jane

  2. Hi Claire! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. So sorry we missed missed it. Me, uncle Chris and your cousins Madeleine and Tyler wish we could live closer so we could have celebrated with you. Just know that you are in our thoughts and we miss you every day. I can’t believe how big you’re getting and such a smart beautiful girl you are. I hope we can see all of you again soon. Who knows…we’re looking for time and money for a vacation so you never know where we’ll end up when we find it. 🙂 Love you and miss you lots! Aunt Sue xox

  3. Hi Claire I’m Callum remember me from kindergarten. You never told me you liked soccer, well anyway hope your school is going great. Mine is going good I am going to visit my grandparents and Armaan is coming to. I’m really into ski racing now. See ya!


    1. Hi Callum!

      It is cool that we still know each other and it has been 5 years! I wish I could ski, I don’t know how. I am really sporty! I just got new soccer cleats that are bright pink. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Hi Claire,
    I loved reading your blog and getting caught up on all the cool things in your life. This year has been very busy for you.

      1. Hey Claire,
        I can run it anytime – I think you figured out the “request” feature already. In the new year it might be easier to connect 🙂

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