little brothers

Okay most of you know I have a little brother and his name is Cole. Sometimes he can be a pest and sometimes he can be helpful.

Here are some reasons why he is sometimes a pest:

  • Whenever he has a coat on he sometimes flaps his arms like a bird
  • He sometimes screams really loudly

Here are some reasons why he can be helpful:

  • He plays well
  • He takes turns
  • He is patient
  • He agrees

I don’t care whether he is helpful or not, I love him!!!

One thought on “little brothers

  1. Hi Claire, what a nice post about your brother. I’m sure I had some of the same thoughts when I was growing up with my brother (your Dad) but like you, I always loved my brother and always tried to protect him. And those feelings will never go away. Thanks for the post, it made me think about all the good memories of my brother and I.

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