Rainbow Loom

Since Christmas, my friends and family have been obsessing over Rainbow Loom. If you haven’t heard of it, rainbow loom is a craft that allows you to make rubber band bracelets and charms. I have made a cupcake, several people, different types of bracelets, penguins, music notes, a reindeer, an owl, a turtle, and much more!

To figure out how to make,


it I go on You tube and search ‘Rainbow loom charms and bracelets’ and so many videos pop up!

I enjoy making Rainbow loom because it is a challenge to see if you can loop each elastic because if one elastic doesn’t work, the whole project falls apart.

I think that whoever came up with the idea of rainbow loom is a genius because when you buy the kit it comes with everything you need like a hook, the loom, some elastics, and the instructions of course.

I am offering to sell 3 of my many charms. I am offering a gymnast for $5, a ladder bracelet with a plastic charm attached to it for $2, and a cupcake for $3. To contact me about buying them, you can leave a comment or email me at clairecanada10@gmail.com.

Here are some pictures of the charms:


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