Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s important that we celebrate Mother’s Day because moms do so much work, and they don’t always get the appreciation they deserve.

Last weekend, I bought my mom some gifts. I got her 2 smelly candles, Chocolate, and a strawberry face mask. In art class at school I made her a clay oyster with 3 pearls, one for each child. In class I made her a card.

One thing that I love about my mom is that she shows commitment. For example, my mom is training for a marathon so she has been going on a lot of runs. Instead of drinking a hot cup of coffee in her pyjamas, this morning she got up to go on a 20 km run at 8:00 am. That shows commitment.

Another thing that I love about my mom is that she takes me to all of my many activities. Track, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, violin, yoga, music festival, people’s houses, orthodontist, physiotherapy, she takes me to them all. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

The last and most important thing that I love about my mom is that she is fun. Prior example last night when we were eating dinner and discussing something that made everyone stressed out, she sat in her chair and started humming and eventually chair dancing. That definitely brought our happy moods back.

I hope after you read this you realize how special my mom is to me and my whole family! I love you mom. 😘


(By the way, I am not taller then my mom in this photo, I am standing on a stool!😊)


5 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. That’s one amazing Mom you’ve got there, Claire! I have no doubt she totally adores you too! Big hugs for you and for your special Mom too!

  2. Hi Claire. What lovely things you have said about your Mum! You are so lucky that you love her so much and appreciate all the things that she does for you, but also that you can express your love so eloquently. It’s so good to hear. Love Jane xx

  3. How wonderful Claire! You and your mom have a very special relationship, it’s pure bliss 🙂

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