My First Hip Concert

I didn’t know how to start this post. My dad always said he couldn’t explain Tragically Hip concerts, and I never understood why until last night. There’s no way to explain Hip concerts. It’s a feeling, a sensation not a concert. At concerts you dance, sing, laugh, at Tragically Hip concerts you connect. Whether it’s with the band itself or the people sitting beside you.

Everyone gathered was there because they wanted to celebrate this amazing band. They all have the same musical interest, and everyone has everything to talk about.

Last night my dad and I started playing a game where we guess which songs were going to be played next. The man beside my dad joined in and we all had a great time.

Before the concert I was sitting in our seats while my dad went to go get some drinks and I had a conversation with a few people behind me about our experience with the Hip and how much we are going to miss Gord. They loved that a thirteen year old was at the concert because the band’s main audience are adults, and they also loved my custom T-shirt! (Thanks Dad!) The people there were all gathered for the same reason, to celebrate this amazing bands’ accomplishments and have a great time- and I certainly did.

And for the record,  I’ve never seen so many Gord Downie, T-shirts in one place.

I also connected with the band, and of course Gord. It wasn’t directly, but after the concert it felt like he and I had a three hour conversation. He somehow has the ability to make you feel like you are just chatting away with him just by his use of facial expressions and dance moves.

I was pretty upset after the concert. I want to go to a million more! I want to hear newly written songs live! Well, I can’t. But for now I am very grateful to be attending two more concerts, in Edmonton and Hamilton.


2 thoughts on “My First Hip Concert

  1. You are one lucky girl…and a very appreciative and insightful one at that! A truly memorable concert, right?

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