WE Day


Last Thursday I went to WE Day Vancouver. For those of you who don’t know, WE Day is a celebration of hard work to help social and environmental causes, however you can’t just go online and buy your ticket, you earn it. There were many speakers and entertainers that taught us things I’ve never thought about. It was such a fun day and inspired me to put in more time to Me to We.

WE Day is founded by two brothers, Marc and Craig Kielburger. When Craig was 12 he saw in the news paper that a boy his age was killed for taking a stand about child labour. Craig then went on and started a club at school with twelve other kids, and eventually it grew, now having a Free The Children club in 12,000 different schools. In this club you participate in things such as WE Scare Hunger, Backpacks for the Homeless, service days, service trips and more.

There were many amazing speakers that came to WE Day, speaking about topics such as why girls need to respect each other more, how to reach your goals, how to treat sick people, residential schools, transgender rights, and so much more. The one speaker that screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-48-19-amreally stood out to me was a young girl who is dying from a disease in her lungs. Her ‘Make-A-Wish’ was to speak at WE Day, and tell people that her whole life she has been called a sick girl, but she is more than that. It was quite inspirational.

There was one part of this day that made me jump with excitement like a toddler. While I was eating my lunch my friend ran over to me and said ‘STEPH LABBÉ IS HERE WITH HER BRONZE MEDAL’. Steph is the goalie for the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team, and if you know me I am OBSESSED with that team and aspire to be on it one day. So naturally, I started in a dead sprint to locate one of my idols. I saw her, started crying, and eventually had the amazing opportunity to meet her (I may have gone back to meet her four times). She signed my hoodie, and even liked my Instagram photo that I posted with her. Quite the day!

WE Day was filled with so much inspiration and motivation that you couldn’t find anywhere else. The environment was always drowned by joy and happiness. Everyone there were there for the same reasons; they want to make a change. even at 8am. I am so glad that I got to go to WE Day, and hopefully will earn a ticket for next year!




4 thoughts on “WE Day

  1. What an amazing experience! You are indeed one lucky girl! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful experiences!

  2. Hi Claire. Thank you for telling me about “WE Day” . I didn’t know the history of it, so thank you for describing it. Many of the issues it raises are very important to humanity and to the planet, and we need the smart and caring leadership of your generation to do some of the steering, as well as some of the rowing on this voyage! I do see you as a soccer great and know how you love and follow the sport, so I am very glad you got to meet and and enjoy some time with Steph Labbe. I love the photo of her signing your hoodie! Thanks again for sharing one of your amazing experiences with me. Love, Frances

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