One Hundred

This is my one hundredth blog post.

Pretty crazy huh?

I remember the day I started blogging, my first post was about my first day at SMUS in grade three, a lengthy post of seven sentences with missing capitals and periods.

Since then, I have come a long way (I hope). Writing on this blog has made me the person I am today.

It has made me realize that I really have a strong opinion on things that I wouldn’t have known without writing about it. I came home from school one day and three teachers had talked to my classes about screen addictions, I was pretty tired of hearing how our generation is living life through a screen, so I wrote about it.

I definitely did not have the opinions I composed on that post before writing it. By putting together words I find more about myself and my thoughts. Without writing I wouldn’t be the opinionated, confident gal I am now.

Blogging has also been a form of therapy for me. Everyone has good days and bad days, and different ways to cope with the bad ones.

For me, taking all the frustration in my head and putting it in words is how I deal with the bad days. It doesn’t matter if it gets published or not. Instead of bottling everything up until I explode, I get it all out as soon as I can. Without blogging, I would be pretty stressed, anxious and a lot less happy.

Through these hundred blog posts I have become Claire Pontefract; individual, confident, and a leader.

My love for writing and standing up for what I believe in grows through every word I type.

I am so grateful to have parents who encouraged writing on this blog since day one. Even when I kept persisting them to let me shut down my blog because people at school were finding it and I thought it was embarrassing,

They said no.

If they had let me shut it down, I can guarantee you I would be a completely different person.

I am also grateful for all of you who put up with all my rants and opinions that may seem insane.

Without any readers I would have nobody to share my ideas with, so thank you! I can promise you at least another hundred posts:)




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