Happy Place

As my family knows, I am crazy about sunsets.

It doesn’t matter if they are barely there. If there is a sunset I will beg to go watch it.

We went up to Nanoose Bay for Easter weekend this year. I made my mom take us to watch the perfect sunset when she was in the middle of making dinner. Any kind of sunset entrances me; large, small, purple, red or any other variable.

I am also pretty crazy about sunlight in general.

My dad has been designing a new house that we are building and trust me, if you ask him how many times I’ve begged for a room with the most sunlight possible and given him ideas of giant windows for my new room he will probably just groan.

There are so many ways the sun creates these pictures that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

It could be the sun sparkling across the ocean, or going on a hike and looking up seeing sunlight creep through a canopy of trees, I can’t seem to get enough.

I’ve started to realize why the sun means so much to me.

The sun will always be there. Even if I’ve made a bad decision, lost a friend, or just had a crappy day, the sun is there.

I could be having the worst day possible, but still a simple sunset can change my mood right around. How could the sun put you in a bad mood? Sunshine is a symbol of happiness and that certainly applies to me.

Wherever the sun is, is my happy place.

There were a few months this year in which I was pretty stressed. My grades were not where I wanted them to be and I was not in my happy place. When I was feeling overwhelmed I would go on a run or a walk down to the beach and just look at the sun lying across the water. Without even knowing it, I had found my happy place to help me cope.

I may sound like a complete psycho obsessed with the Sun, but hey. I’m happy. IMG_3233

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