I remember

Being so small I had to stand on my tippy toes

To look over the counter top

To admire you




So precisely

With ease

Wishing to someday

Acquire this culinary gift.

I remember

Stepping with my light up shoes

Hopping on the ‘too big’ bike

You by my side

Trying to pedal as fast as I could

To catch you

Wishing to someday

Possess this strength.

I remember

Watching you

Capture the crowd with your words

My eyes wide

Filled with pure admiration

Wishing to someday

Own a stage like you

I remember

Being so grateful to have

A bestfriend



And most importantly,


All in one.


2 thoughts on “fadre

  1. I can feel the love and the admiration you have for your Dad. Well said! One lucky Dad to have such a loving daughter!

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