gord and fred

I am a huge Queen fan.

I love how unique their music is, no two songs are even remotely alike. You can listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and feel like you just listened to an opera in six minutes, or you can hear a sweet love song; ‘You’re My Bestfriend’.

What also catches my eye about this band, is their frontman: Freddie Mercury.

He was such a strong, unique character. He lived by his own rules, nobody could stop him or get in his way.

As you could imagine, I freaked out when they announced the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ would be released.

I waited three months, and last night (on opening night) I went to see it.

Seeing this movie gave me a better understanding of who Freddie Mercury was as a person.

If there was one thing I could take away from the movie, it would be how careless Freddie was of what other people thought of him. The first time he sang with the band, it didn’t even cross his mind to sing and dance like most ordinary people would.

This reminded me of Gord Downie. When he was on stage, he didn’t care who was judging him, or  was making fun of him. He did what he felt like doing, and didn’t care if anyone disagreed with it.

We could all learn from Gord and Freddie. Living life careless of what anyone thinks about us is how we should all live.

When you get dressed, put on the clothes that make you feel good. Not the ones that everyone else will like.

When you talk, talk about the things you are passionate about. Don’t shape your mind to think about other peoples passions and ideas.

Always choose to express yourself. Whether it’s through art, words, makeup, cooking, leading, creating, or anything else, do what you were made to do. Not what others tell you to.

You can’t spend your entire life hiding behind someone you aren’t. If Freddie Mercury had been embarrassed about his dancing, teeth, songs, or personality, he wouldn’t have been the unique person he certainly was. He was one of a kind, and he knew not to hide that.

If Gord Downie had written every single song about sex, partying, and romance, we wouldn’t have such unique songs about climate change, reconciliation, penguins, convicts breaking out, the Titanic and so much more. Think about how much less enjoyable Tragically Hip concerts would have been without the on-the-spot monologues and incredibly strange yet entrancing dance moves from Gord.

Both these musical inspirations had it figured out. They knew not to conform to what other music stars were doing, they did what made them unique and what made them happy, and it worked out gloriously in the end.

Do things for you. Not for anyone else. If someone doesn’t like what you are doing, they don’t truly love and support you. Find people that love you for all your weird quirks.

Why spend life being someone who you aren’t?

“Be yourself, no matter what people say.”

-Freddie Mercury

3 thoughts on “gord and fred

  1. Your text brings to mind Shakespeare’s words in Hamlet : “This above all : to thine own self be true.” Great advice coming from both Shakespeare and the oh-so-very wise Miss Claire! Chapeau, ma belle Claire!

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