3 thoughts on “Winning feels good.

  1. Good morning Claire

    Congratulations for winning in your race. I am also very happy for you that you say not winning feels OK. I think you are saying you prefer to win, as that feels so good, but life is still OK if you do not wind at every competition.

    I agree with you. I think it is good to be in the race with all the other people, even if you do not win.

    But you did win, so congratulations again.

    I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


  2. Hi Claire.

    This is your Dad’s buddy from England. We saw you last year at a party in your beautiful house. I love your comment about sports. Many of our schools in England try not to have their pupils “feeling great about winning”, but it does feel great and we need our young people to have that feeling.

    I really enjoyed reading the rest of your blog. I have now bookmarked it in my browser and will come back to check for more of your updates.



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