7 thoughts on “live or panic

  1. I agree! I think I’ll plan for an earthquake drill with my boys at home. I think it’s great that you are sharing your thoughts.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Claire. My wife Sabrina and I are in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico right now and there is a hurricane moving towards us. I think everyone should have disaster preparedness training and a proper emergency kit in each of our homes. Do you have suggestions on what to put in our emergency kit?

  3. Hi Claire!! I love that you have your own little blog :0) Have you been enjoying SMUS?? We had fun speaking with all of the Driscoll and Hollingworth families over skype last night for Thanksgiving. Even though we’re in New Zealand, we had Thanksgiving too but we had to cook a chicken as they didn’t have any turkey! Say hi to your parents from us!!
    Jean and Tom Hollingworth

  4. Hi Claire, great post and excellent insight into how you can be in control of your emotions. Mia just started with a fear of t-storms, lightening, and tornoadoes. This is stemmed from our “take cover” from a recent tornado threat..we hid in our basement bathroom which was quite stinky from the cat litter!! I will pass on your insight to her. Thanks for sharing. Love you. Xoxox

  5. Hi Claire,

    Love your blog:) MacKenzie was actually asking me about tornado safety yesterday. You’re quite correct in that the best way to avoid panic is to always have a plan:)


  6. Hi Claire,

    I really like your blog and your thoughts and ideas. I agree with you that it is important to be prepared for earthquakes and fires whether you are at home or at school. Your idea of having earthquake and fire drills at home is a very good one. Have you thought about taking what you learned in the earthquake and fire drills at your school and tailoring those drills to your home ? You could then make your parents and brother and sister run through the drills so that each of you was prepared in the event of a fire or earhtquake while you are at home. What are the differences between your home and your school that would make the drills different ?

    lots of Love


  7. Hi Claire. What a great idea about earthquake and fire drills at home. Why don’t you do one for your home? Then tell us how it went. Maybe your idea will help others as well. Great Blog Claire.


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