Last week there was the gr.5 leadership presentation.

It got me thinking how can I be a leader?

And the following points will show you how to be one.

– you have to help people at the right time

 -You have to be a model for younger people

– you have to be helpful

  – you have to be responsible for things

And all of these things equal a good leader!!!

5 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. I like your ideas Claire. I really like the idea of helping others “at the right time”. I think this means that leaders let people do what they are doing in they way they feel it is best to do it, and only help out a bit if they are asked or if they notice that the person needs help.

    I look forward to your future posts.


  2. Great post Claire! I am inspired by your insightfulness about leadership.

    I agree with Brian about helping others “at the right time” is important. It is some times difficult to know when the right time is or what the most helpful thing to do is. As leaders we need to be good listeners so we can better know when and how to help.

    Love your blog!

  3. Claire, you are a clever cookie! I would also describe you as being responsible, helpful and a good role model…..

    Great blog….I look forward to your posts!

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