Animals in Africa

This weekend I watched a show about how people in Africa get so hungry they hunt animals like gorillas, elephants, deer, etc.
That made me feel bad/sad.

I also think that people in Africa should understand that those animals could be extinct.
I also watched that there was this group of people that found some animals and took care of them!
That made me feel great!
I hope the killing of animals stops.


2 thoughts on “Animals in Africa

  1. I totally agree with you that those animals are in danger of extinction and should not be hunted. However, people who are starving do not think the same way. Food is food.
    We need to find ways to help those people find other ways to get food. There are some programs to help bring water so they can grow food. There are some programs that teach how to grow food in their own areas. There are some that people in other places donate food to so that it can be sent to them to share.
    What do you think we should do?

  2. Ya I think people in Africa should stop killing the endangered animals to. Have you ever been to the ROM in Toronto? They have a whole section about extinct animals.

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