big brothers/sisters

When I was in lower grades I did not realize that being a big sister/brother is being a leader.

Here are some things I said when I didn’t like being a big sister.

  • -“I never get to pick”
  • -“why cant we play what I want to play?”
  • -“it is frustrating being the big sister”

Here are the things I say now:

  • -“it feels like I am taking care of my siblings”
  • -“we can take turns playing”
  • -“I can get that for you”

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with my siblings but I manage to work it through.

I am also realizing that I have to be flexible with my siblings.

One thought on “big brothers/sisters

  1. I love this blog entry Claire because like you, mommy had other siblings that I had to learn how to deal with: I had to let them pick many times and play what they wanted to play. You are a very loving and patient older sister and I love you very much! xo

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