world vision (a program)

Last  week at my school we had an assembly about how some people in africa at Christmas do not wish for toys like kids in other parts of the world. Sometimes they don’t get Christmas gifts, but that is why they want animals.

Here are the reasons why they need the animal and what animals we got at my school:

  • A cow produces milk and meat.
  • Kids in Africa don’t usually get to play, so with a bunny they have fun!
  • A donkey helps carry stuff and they can ride the donkey.
  • With a sheep’s wool the people in Africa can stay warm.
  • A stable will keep the animals safe.

We were also able to get other things  too:

  • We were able to give 2 girls education
  • We got about 3 fruit trees

I felt really good because now people in Africa can celebrate Christmas!

P.S:and just to let you know, these were not cheap!!!

3 thoughts on “world vision (a program)

  1. Hi Claire
    I really like your BLOG entry about World Vision and I’m delighted that you are learning so much through this school leadership project. Thanks for spreading the news about service to others!

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