I am super glad it is December 1st. It means only 24 days until Christmas! This weekend my Grand dad came to town and we decorated. our house. The inside is full of Garlands and Reethes. Our elf on the shelf Jojo even came for a visit!
On the outside we have pretty lights. I can’t take a photo of the outside because there is a rainy storm.

At school we do a lot of stuff for Christmas. In Life Skills all the grade 5’s get to do something called “Fill a Stocking!” Project. What you do is your teacher gives you a mini stocking and you go to the dollar store and buy mini toys such as lip balm, dolls, bathroom stuff, etc.
In choir we have a Christmas concert. We sing Christian songs with weird words like faileth (it even auto corrected me!) and thy. We even have a World Vision (press here to see my post about it 2 years ago) service program that happens each year. What you do is your class gets a shiny sparkly box that you put chore money in. Once the day is done the counting crew in service club counts all the money. After we find out the amount of money, we buy an animal for families in need.

My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with your families. You can do that by snowball fights, baking cookies, decorating, and opening presents. Oh, and the present part is pretty fun as well! When you give to somebody it is always fun to see their happy faces.

2 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. December is indeed a great month. Enjoy all of these lovely activities and keep spreading joy and happiness in all that you say and do : that’s truly what Christmas is all about.

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