You may not know this but I am crazy about soccer! I have been playing since I was 4 and have been in 3 different soccer leagues. My favourite soccer player is Christine Sinclair because she is a great leader. During the London Olympics Christine broke her nose but she was so determined that she just kept on playing and it payed off because she got a bronze metal. I hope someday I will be like her!

My favourite position in soccer is striker ( striker is where you are centre forward so you can score goals easier) because I can do some tricks to get passed the other team and when I get to the net, BAM I score. My least favourite position is goalie because I can’t really do anything to help my team score a goal. An embarrassing fact is that It is unlikely to save a goal.

During recess at school I pass a soccer ball with my friends. Sometimes (when the weather is nice) my dad and I go to the park to practice my moves. I have learned a bunch of tricks that help me with my skill. My favourite way to shoot is when the goalie is short and because I am tall I can kick the ball very high and the goalie can’t get it. Before we start a game, my teammates and I come up with a plan to get pass the defence and score a goal. About 30% of the time I score goals and they make it in. Now I hope you realize I love soccer!


6 thoughts on “Soccer

  1. You’re a very special girl, Miss Claire! So many interests, such broad knowledge and an interesting blogger! Keep it up, girl!

  2. Hi Claire. You’re certainly a passionate soccer player which has got to be one of the major team sports. I don’t know anything about the Canadian soccer scene – who do you support? Have you also tried rugby? It’s more physical than soccer and is very fast paced and exciting. I’m really enjoying your blogs and love reading about your school life and how well you’re getting along. Love Jane xxx

  3. Hi Claire
    I really enjoyed your story on being a soccer player and how much you love to play the game. I also watched Christine Sinclair and her team play during the Olympics and thought they did a fantastic job. Your Dad was an awesome soccer player when he was younger and am sure he can teach you a lot. So happy to hear how much you love to play the sport and are doing so well .
    Grandma Debbie

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