Kindergarten Buddies!

At school, the Grade 5 class has kindergarten buddies. It’s fun to help someone much younger than you learn in a fun and social way. My buddy’s name is Sammy. She is super kind to me and always gives me a hug. Right now her class is learning about colours so in one of the buddy sessions we read books about colours. It’s amazing how well she can read! On Halloween (I was a clown and Sammy was a killer whale) we made witch fingers using clear plastic gloves, candy witch fingers and popcorn. After we put on the fingers Sammy tallied the amount of popcorn kernels we put in the bag because in math they are learning how to tally.

The best thing about having a little buddy is seeing their little eyes look up to you. It makes me feel good inside because it means they are looking up to your choices and they will do what you recommend. If you do something bad they will think it’s ok and they will do it, so you need to make good choices.

Having a little buddy reminds me of when I had a big buddy because I loved her and she was like my big sister! Now I can be that big sister (even though I am at home) to Sammy.


8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Buddies!

  1. Having a Big Buddy is a wonderful idea, I am sure that Sammy really appreciated you being there to help. Just like you did when you where in Kindergarten. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Claire

    Thank you for sharing the photo of you and your kindergarten buddy, Sammy. she is really lovely and looks like alot of fun. I know you have a real sister but I guess this is different because you are sharing that sisterly feeling at times with someone who is not really a sister but very special to you and close to you, just like having a big sister.

    Love Frances

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