Leadership Assembly

I am going to write about the Leadership Assembly except I am putting it in story format.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” I shriek to my best friend Kristina. “My knees are shaking so much I think they will fall off!” cries Kristina. We look around and see our other Best friend Caoimhe (Irish name pronounced qweeva) waiting for us at the door. “Are you guys nervous???” she shouts. I put her hand on my heart so she can feel how fast it is beating. “Yes I am,” I giggle.

Rrrrriiiiinngggg!!! The loud bell startles me. It reminds me that I am about to speak in front of the whole school and probably embarrass myself by missing a word or something. Kristina walks to her class room and Caoimhe and I go to ours. I feel my pocket and make sure my lavender stress ball is still there. “Good, it’s there” I mumble. Before Caoimhe came, Kristina and I were chasing some boys because they took my stress ball. Caoimhe and I sit at our usual table with the 3 boys who took my ball. I give them my creepy eyes and they immediately look away.

“Good morning class! Do you remember your lineup for the assembly?” says my teacher joyfully. Everyone gives a tired mumble, “yeees”. I sit between my two friends, Hannah and Sienna. “I’m so excited!” squeals Sienna. I look inside and I find not only the school but what looks like 1000 parents and grandparents. I immediately squeeze my stress ball and the sweet smell soothes me. “Welcome to our annual leadership assembly!” says the principal. “These grade 5’s are the leaders of this school so it is important that you all listen and they have been working on this since September! Now I will hand it over to the leaders of this school”. I am the 14th to go so I still have some time to try to focus and not being nervous. I think of Christmas when we will be going to Hawaii. I feel the soft sand between my toes.

“And that’s what Leadership means to me” I hear Sienna finish. “It’s my turn” I realize!! Before I start walking to the microphone I quickly look at Kristina and Caoimhe and they give me a thumbs up. I calm myself before speaking. “Hi I’m Claire and today I will tell you what Leadership means to me. A good leader never thinks negatively, they always think of a glass of water as half full-never half empty. A good leader has good judgment, For example if you are being pressured to do something that’s not right stand up to others. A good representation of leadership are Canadian Geese because they fly in a triangular formation and the bird at the tip of the triangle is the Leader that leads them somewhere safe but the cool thing is that they always switch up who is the leader which is what everyone should do in real life. Thanks for listening!” Before I knew it everyone was applauding for me. I felt like a celebrity! I am glad I did that speech because by listening to others words, I can be a better leader than I already am!

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Leadership Assembly

  1. Hi Claire
    Wow! What a major event at school for everyone. It sounds like a very uplifting and motivational assembly and a perfect time for you all to be considering the nature of leadership. So many people, who aren’t as emotionally intelligent as you, think it’s about being bossy, loud and pushy. A good leader is all about having those clear objectives like your geese, but at the same time, making sure you tap into the often hidden talents of other people too. Together you can create a very strong team. What leadership challenges are you determined to face this school year?
    Love, Jane xx

    1. One leadership challenge I am going to have to use leadership for is service club. Your job is to support world poverty and charity’s and things like that. Something that might need a LOT of leadership is the Opera! I am havering auditions in a few weeks…

  2. Oh, Claire, you really know how to write so we can feel your emotions. Heck, I was almost as nervous as you were as I read your post! BUT, there was no doubt in my mind that you would deliver one strong message about leadership and that you would deliver it like a pro, and you did! Loved your analogy! Geese are pretty smart and so are you, my sweet Claire! Chapeau!

  3. Wow, we’ll said Claire! I’m so proud of you! It can be very nerve wrecking speaking in front of the class, never mind the entire school! Loved the geese analogy- never knew that they switched leaders.
    Very cool!

  4. Thank you Claire for this post. I love your passion for storytelling and even more your intellectual speech on leadership. Perhaps you should chat with your Dad’s book agent, I think a book on leadership for Tweens would be a great read. Also I admire the tools you used to help reduce your worries…visualization and your stress ball. Any cognitive behavioral therapist would say you chose the right tools. Luv ya.

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