Grade Five (WOW)

Last week was my first week of school. My teachers name is Mrs. Newsome and she is super nice! This year I will be studying Slavery, the Human Body, timetables, Brain, Politics, and I will be doing an Operetta. I am most excited about the Operetta (Operetta means an Opera with talking in it) because I have a very big passion for singing and acting, we are doing “The Gypsy Barren”.

One HUGE thing you focus on in grade 5 is Leadership. In October my Class and I will be reading a speech about that topic (I will make sure I am filmed so you all can hear!). I have 4 leadership volunteer projects I am doing – Lost and Found duty, Service club (World Vision), Announcements, Green team (Eco friendly club). So as you can see, it’s hard work.

I mentioned this before but we also learn about the brain. A few days ago we built a model Neuron. Neurons are little brain cells that are all linked together and the make Synapses which are connections.


Outside of school I do a Yoga class, it is so peaceful that I fell asleep in it! We wrote on a stone to explain what virtue we think we show.

As you can see I felt very joyful today! I hope you feel joyful too. I also do soccer! I am in U 10/11 but I think it is really easy. Sports are a huge part of me!

4 thoughts on “Grade Five (WOW)

  1. Claire!
    I think that is so great that you are doing yoga. It is truly rewarding 🙂
    Do you have a favourite pose yet?
    Love allexa

  2. Sounds like Grade 5 is going to be a great year! I look forward to hearing more about the Operetta, your thoughts on Leadership and yoga.

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