Summer Vacation 2013

Right now I am on a 2 hour ferry home from vacation! I decided to write about the over view of my vacation so I will start with visits to Seattle.

We went here 3 times and one time we went to a base ball game! It was the Bluejays vs. the Mariners. Although the Bluejays didn’t win it was really fun to be at a ball game for the first time, plus the field is awesome! We also went to Pike place market a few times and one time we got fish that was thrown across the room! There is a chocolate factory there and we all got a chocolate, caramel apple! Yummy!

For the last week my uncle Rich and Aunt Kara came from Calgary! They drove for 14 hours (stopping only once) just to see us and enjoy doing “nuttin”. We went to Seattle with them once as well. They brought a HUGE raft that fits 4 adults (sea hawk 4 was the name) and a 2 man raft that we attached with a rope! We went out on the rafts twice the first time was Cole, My mom, Rich, and Kara in the big raft and Cate and I were in the small one. The second time Cole, my mom, Cate, And Rich were in the big raft and my dad and I were in the canoe, that day it was really wavy and my dad and I weren’t wearing life jackets and we almost flipped over! We were jumping on the waves!!! They left to Calgary yesterday at 11:00 am and got there at midnight, wow.

Every night (except two nights when it was rainy) we had an awesome campfire. Every night we enjoyed Jiffy pop (popcorn that’s specially made for camping), marshmallows or starmallows ( marshmallows shaped like stars), s’mores, or roasted hotdogs. So as you can see, each night we had quite the dessert! My favourite was probably having the S’mores and the delicious hot dogs! We also loved the beautiful sunsets each night!

Most days we would spend half our day at a little town called Gig Harbour. But before that we usually stopped at subway for lunch. It was 7 minutes away and right across the street was a coffee shop so my dad would get coffee and the rest of us would get subway. Anyway back to Gig Harbour. My favourite thing we did there was probably pottery painting. At this café that was called Java and Clay Café, we decided to paint some pottery. Cate painted a cupcake jar, Cole painted a Dragonfly, and I painted an owl-bank. They turned out quite nicely! Another day we went Kayaking and Peddle boating for an hour and a half. My dad and I went on single kayak, my mom and Cate went on a double, and Cole, Rich, and Kara went n a Peddle boat. While my mom was towing the peddle boaters (don’t ask) my dad and I saw a mom harbour seal and a baby harbour seal! They were SO cute! We loved going to restaurants for afternoon snacks since we usually ate at
8:00pm — 9:00pm.

Every morning Cole and Cate ( I got fired and then Cate was hired) made the Family breakfast. They made cute little menus that we ordered off of. They made Eggo Waffles, Smoothies, Pancakes, Eggs, Hash browns, Bacon and Sausage, Fruit salad and much more! It sure was a lot less money than other breakfast Cafés!

3 words, WE LOVED SHOPPING. We went to so many different shops that it was crazy! We fell in love with this one store called Kohls. We loved it for 2 reasons, #1 they have such cool clothes, #2 you save more money than you pay!!! They have something called “Kohls awards” which means if you spend a certain amount of money you can get free “Khols cash”. Sadly it is only in America 😦

Thank you for reading this post about my families awesome vacation! Here are some photos:

12 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2013

  1. It really sounds like your family had a truly awesome time! Thanks for sharing your Summer adventures with your blog followers! Fun, enjoyable reading provided by the one and only Claire!

  2. Claire you are an awesome writer! You will have to teach me your skills this year! I am so excited to see you guys next week! hope your first week of school is great 🙂

    – Rylee

  3. Hi Claire. Wow, what an amazing summer you have had! You’re so lucky to have such a lovely Mum and Dad who want you to experience all those wonderful activities, and to have Cole and Cate to share it all with. One question – what are s’mores?
    I’m sure you’ll do really well this year at school – you are a very personable and open hearted person who has such a positive attitude to your life and who welcomes new experiences. You will go a long way in life with those important attributes.
    Love to you all, Jane x

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