Yesterday Cate, Cole and I went to the dentist. I was really looking forward to walking out of the dentists office with clean, shiny, and polished teeth. I was a little nervous about it though because I knew that I had an overbite (which is when your 2 jaws have a big gap between them) and I didn’t know what I needed. Headgear, braces, my friend said a small surgery, but I wasn’t the dentist so I didn’t know.

“Cole and Claire, you can go first” said the dentists assistant. I could feel my self shaking while walking into that small little room. “I will give the X-ray to your brother first. While you are waiting you can watch some TV. After about 20 minutes of searching for the right show I found my favourite channel and then I wasn’t as nervous. ” Ok Claire! Your turn!” I have always loved the X-ray machine because I love seeing my teeth in a different way. “Wow, that looks so cool!” I gasp. ” I know! Now Dr. Charmaine will look at your teeth” said the assistant. This was the moment I could finally find out what I need to do about my overbite! I think. “Hello Claire” says the dentist. “Has anything been going on with your teeth?” I start babbling away about what I know is wrong with me. “All my friends say I have a HUGE over bite and that I need to get it fixed! It is also hurting me because my teeth are digging into my lip and the roof of my mouth” “Ahhh. I know what you need! Braces!” Says the smart dentist. I feel like she just lifted 6 months of worrying of my shoulders. ” When will I get them?” ” not until grade 6 or 7!” She explains. I think to my self, 2 more YEARS worth of worrying?! ” um, ok” I reply. ” ok let’s get to the cleaning!”

While I get poked, scraped, squished, stretched, and all gooey I think about how kids take so much notice of the way my mouth developed and how that effects me and for 2 more years won’t make me feel any better. ” Done!” Says the assistant enthusiastically. “You can go pick a prize!” I walk to the prize book and I pick up the bunny rabbit purse and start crying to my mom, ” I want to get my braces now so that I feel more confident in my self and we can start the process of fixing my mouth!” ” wow um, ok I will talk to Dr. Charmaine” my mom explains to the doctor why I want to get my braces now and all. “Ok I will take you to the special X-ray for braces so when you hear me say go close your eyes. Before I knew it my eyes were open. “So. You can go to the Orthodontist to see if we can give you them now” said the very kind dentist. “Thank you so much!” I reply.

So now I am off to the Orthodontist some time soon! I hope this was entertaining!


8 thoughts on “Dentist

  1. You’re so brave!!! Every time I go to the dentist, I am literally anxious, uptight, nervous…well, you get my drift, I’m sure! And I am so much older than you are!!! Hats off to you for being pro-active about a condition that seems to really be weighing on you. Good luck with all of this! I will be looking forward to reading about your experience at the orthodontist.

  2. I love the dentist too Claire. I love having shiny clean teeth! Sounds like you have a very smart kind dentist! Good luck with the Orthodontist. I look forward to hearing stories about your braces.

  3. Hi Claire
    I enjoyed reading your dentist story. Youre lucky that you have such a fab dentist. Can you choose the colour of your braces? I saw a girl the other day with blue tips on her braces and they looked really amazing. If you’re going to have braces you might as well set a fashion trend while you’re about it!

    We’ve loved having Mia and Aunty Nicole staying with us for a week before they took the train to Paris. We had an action-packed few days – they HAD to go to Cadbury World (where they manufacture Dairy Milk). We saw the factory and explored the history of chocolate and how Mr Cadbury built a whole town for his workers. We also managed to eat rather a lot of liquid chocolate (yummy) and various chocolate bars. I’m amazing nobody was sick as it was quite a hot day too. We went to Warwick Castle which was built in the 12th century and has battlements, ramparts, dungeons and towers, watched a bird of prey show and saw how a Trebuchet was used to storm similar castles at the time. It shot a huge fireball into the sky – really impressive. In medieval times it would have been used to shoot burning oil, dead animals and other disgusting things into the enemy’s castle to make them more amenable to surrender. We also went to London and took an open top tour bus around all the attractions – we saw Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden and went on a river Thames trip past the Tower of London and Houses of Parliament.
    We had a great time together and we were sad to say goodbye. We would love you to come and stay any time you’d like. There is so much to see here.
    I know you and the family are off on holiday today so do have a great time by the sea and give my love to Mum, Dad, Cole and Cate.
    Love, Jane x

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