Trust your friends

You probably don’t know why I called this post Trust your friends but the reason why is because I recently have had 2 devastating (and painful) injuries. The first one was where I temporarily dislocated my knee which was 3 weeks ago and when that happened I was on crutches so I couldn’t do much. As you may or may not know, I LOVE sports so when I hurt my knee, I couldn’t do anything related to sports. On the 4th day I had been off crutchesand I thought I was ready to do Track at a Track meet. ALL my friends said that I shouldn’t so the race but I didn’t listen to them. Finally the race came! I was all ready to sit out of the three lapper but I couldn’t help it, seeing all those girls getting ready to run in that race, so fun. I ran and overlapped 3 girls and then I collapsed. I couldn’t fight the pain in my knee and then I realized, I have caring friends and I should have noticed that. After that I was in more pain for a few more days. 3 weeks later(now) I have a twisted ankle and I am going to a track championship tomorrow and all my friends except one says that I shouldn’t go but I am taking my chances and doing the 1200 m, 800 m, and shot put.


9 thoughts on “Trust your friends

  1. Hi Claire
    So – how did it go? I really admire your spirit and fortitude! You want to do something and won’t let anything stand in your way. This is a fantastic life skill which will help you to achieve your goals in life. Many people just give in and say they can’t do something and find loads of excuses to justify why BUT as far as your body goes sometimes you need to listen to it. It’s frustrating and annoying I know. I don’t like anything stopping me either. The last thing you want is a sports injury which will stop you developing your skills in the future for even bigger and better sports triumphs. I’ve just re-read this and I sound VERY sensible – oh dear!!
    We think of you often and send you lots of love. Jane x

  2. I was there for both races … it was so inspiring Claire. Seeing you come 2nd in the 1200m and then two hours later placing 1st in the 800m was truly remarkable. Even more so given you has rolled your ankle on Wed and you really shouldn’tmhave been running, but we couldn’t stop you. Determination – that’s what you have in spades. Love, Daddio.

  3. Injuries truly do upset our goals and dreams, right? Throughout these upcoming competitions, I wish you “wisdom” so that you can recognize your limits while trying to achieve all of your goals! Good luck, ma belle Claire!

  4. Claire, Sorry to hear about your injuries but glad you are on the mend… Friends do sometimes know best 🙂

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