Bravery means everything to me because it ties in with so many virtues like Courage, Responsibility, Helpfulness, Patience and much much more! Everyone thinks that I am brave because it is what my teachers have taught me to do all my life. I think I showed bravery when I went to Camp Pringle because that meant not seeing my family for 4 days. It is fun to be Brave because it means stepping out of your comfort zone. My mom was very brave when she got her surgery on her stomach which is not something you want to be happening very often. My cousins were very brave because they went bungie jumping in whistler and that is pretty scary.If you are somebody who likes to hang low than try something new that you aren’t sure about! If you do one thing that is new it will change your life. Sometimes you have to be brave for the simplest things like reading a horror book or cutting an apple but no matter what you try being Brave is an amazing accomplishment so as soon as you are done reading this go try something dangerous or new! GO!


5 thoughts on “Bravery

    1. Good question. My answer would be to stick your head up and be proud of your work. If you still want to be safe make it password protected so only family and friends a
      Can get on.

  1. An excellent post Claire. Sometimes being brave is simply achieving something that you were afraid to do earlier, and only you know about it. Then you can look back and enjoy this personal achievement to yourself. i.e. the satisfaction of being brave is personal and yours

    Lots of Love
    Granddad x

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