Track and Field

This term is my favourite for many reasons but the biggest reason is because it’s Track and Field season! Track is my favourite sport because although I love cross country running, Track suits me best. Sometimes I get frustrated at track because it rains and we have to practice in the gym and because it is easy to get hurt. On Thursday we had to go in the gym and I badly hurt my ankle. Right now I am limping because of the pain. I love the Track meets at the University of Victoria track because it makes me feel like I am in the Olympics! It is a huge meet that only happens twice so you have to savour the time. My favourite race is the 800 metre run (a.k.a 2 and a half lap) because it is long distance running and that is what I do for fun! Last year at the 1st race it was pouring rain and it was SUPER windy and cold. But of course the race was still on. Over 150 kids, sitting in the bleachers, in shorts and T-shirts, ( gym strips) for 5 hours. I hope this year it is sunny! Running is always a fun way for me to express my feelings. If I want to sprint I am frustrated, angry, or tired. If I am running long distance I am happy or excited. I also love to do long jump in the sand pit. It is always fun to compare lengths of the jumps! Yesterday at practice we were playing illumination running for 3 rounds and the second time I won out of 60 people! I felt so good of myself! Running is definitely my sport!


16 thoughts on “Track and Field

  1. Good for you Claire. Your description of your feelings when running is right on! I particularly love distance running. It is a time just for me to enjoy and think about things. Keep it up. đŸ™‚

  2. Hi Claire

    Congratulations on the great spring you are having with track so far. I am very proud of you about your attitude with your ankle injury. Injuries seem to go with physical activity. We learn at least two things from them. 1. That we can take it easy and allow and help ourselves to heal when we need to, and 2. that there are ways we can be more careful sometimes and prevent the injuries in the first place or protect ourselves from serious injury, which you have done.

    I am sure you know that I am coming on Sunday morning to stay with you and your Mom and Cole and Cate until Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I am of course remembering that Sunday is Mother’s Day, so what do you think of us making a special Mother’s Day dinner for your Mom? We can keep it a surprise for your Mom.

    If you like the idea, would you please let me know one thing you want on the menu. Would you also ask Cate and cole to each pick one thing and let me know. if there is lots of preparation (like baking a cake, I can bake it here and you can all ice it. We should not pick something too spicy this time.

    Please let me know what you think. you can ask Cate and Cole too, and if you all like the idea, please all let me know of one thing you want in the dinner. It should probably be chicken or fish as that is easier to digest than meat.

    I look forward to hearing back from you, and to my visit with all of you starting Sunday.

    Love, Frances

  3. Hi Claire,

    That’s great that you’re so into athletics. You’re clearly much better at it than I ever was. When I was at school I was no good at track events. When I ran the 100 metres, it felt like I was completing it in about the same time as most people would complete a marathon!!

    However, when I got to the field events I shone. Do you remember how tall I am? Well that proved to be very good for high jump, long jump and triple jump. One year I won all three events at my school and they put me into the county trials. If I had won there, then I would have been in the national trials. The only trouble was that because I was so tall they put me in the wrong category as they thought I was older. So at age 14 I was competing against 17- and 18-year-olds. Of course I lost and that was the end of my athletics career.

    Keep it up and congratulations on your success.

    Love, John

  4. Hi Claire
    Reading your blog is always fascinating. I’m so glad that you love your running – you have that in common with your Mum. You’re right about running clearing your head and altering your mood if you feel sad, angry or just ‘out of sorts’. Sometimes you can get a fresh insight into problems when you run and sometimes great moments of inspiration or fresh ideas. I also used to love running for my school and county. It gives you true freedom and challenging your body to achieve greater things is always an important thing. By the way – what is ‘illumination running’? It’s not a term we use in the UK.
    Congratulations on your running achievements. It shows you have both stamina and determination.
    Love, Jane x

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