Today I started learning about pioneers. At first I said to myself, “what the heck is that???!!!”

After about 5 minutes I understood what that weird word meant. My teacher  went on “document 1” on the smart-board. We brain stormed some things about pioneers.

Here are some ideas that may be true:

  • They probably did not get much education
  • Most of the things they did was by hand
  • Instead of a washroom they had a outhouse-the reason why it was far away from the house was because it STANK!!!
  • Their houses were not very safe
  • Usually girls wore dress’ with flowers on it and sometimes bonnets and boys would wear jeans and checkered shirts.

In February my class is going on a field trip to this place that has a house that was built by pioneers and a school, I hope it is FUN!

3 thoughts on “Pioneers

  1. Hi Claire – I loved the pioneers unit when I was in school! There is such interesting information about the people who came here long before us we can learn so much from history.

    I loved watching Little House on the Prairie as a girl – we should watch an episode or two together!

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