This week I started our science unit. It is…


We are just learning what a structure is and I will show you some pictures and say if it is a structure or not:

  •   I know this is a structure because it was built by human beings.           Here it is:
  • I know this one is not a structure because you eat it.                 

We are also figuring out what is in a structure. For example… wire, bricks,tiles and many more things!!!

I am really excited to be studying structures!!!

5 thoughts on “structures

  1. Mmm,,Interesting topic, Claire.

    Let’s revisit that one again if you go on to study atomic or molecular structures at University. Maybe the strawberries are actually structures?

    …or maybe not. You’re probably more of an expert in structures than I am, and I guess you’re probably Victoria’s leading expert on eating strawberries 🙂

    I really hope you enjoy your science unit. It’s a great subject.

    John (from the UK)

  2. Hey Claire,

    Just checking in on your blog after not reading it for a while. You have been busy! I really liked your post on little brothers, I have one too and feel the same way about him. He is a pest sometimes and I love him.

    Good luck with structures.

    Say hi to your mom and dad, Cole and Cate from me!

    Mary (in Halifax)

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