swirly colours experiment (by claire and cate pontefract)

This week my sister and I did a experiment called “swirly colours”

If you are interested stay tuned:

You will need: flat bowl or deep plate, dish washing liquid, different coloured food colouring and milk.

Fill the bowl or plate with milk

Put 4 different colors of food colouring close to the edges.

Put a bit of dish washing liquid in the center, remember DO NOT MIX!


See a video of my  experiment

Here are some pics of what mine looked like:


33 thoughts on “swirly colours experiment (by claire and cate pontefract)

  1. I am glad you included the video. I thought you would have to actually swirl the bowl around, but you just let it sit and it swirls itself. Neat. I will try this with the kiddies (my grand children).

  2. Hey great job Claire and Cate. This experiment seems interesting and fun. I am sure you made you mom and dad quite proud of you two!!

  3. Claire,
    Congrats on filming your cool experiment with your sister! I would have been tempted to swirl the colors. Say Hi to your Mom & Dad for me and keep on blogging.
    Yick (AKA Stephen)

  4. Thanks Claire and Cate! Nifty! Why does it work?

    I’m going to try this with my son and report back how it goes… he turns 4 tomorrow!

  5. Very cool, Cate and Claire! I too thought that you would have to swirl the colours around; I also thought that you would have to use paint (I’m glad it was just food colouring – it’s way easier to find in our house!) – so thank you for sharing, I learned some new things too. 🙂
    I would like to try some experiments with my daughter – what book do you recommend?

  6. Wow Claire! We are so impressed with your blog. You sound so professional! We read your blog all the time and always look forward to reading your topics. We miss you and can’t wait to see you.
    Grand-maman and grand-papa.

  7. Hi Claire, I’m far-away from your home. Yet, thanks to the blog, we can share the excitement on your science project. Keep doing the fun things – science & blogging :))

  8. Wow! That’s impressive! We are so impressed. We really love your blog. Can’t wait to read more.
    Grand-papa & Grand-maman

  9. Fun, cool and interesting experiment!

    Love the way your blog is set up : it’s fun, it’s user-friendly, it’s interesting, educational but, most of all, it reveals a “brilliant mind at the helm”! Chapeau, Claire!

    A distant cousin from Ottawa

  10. Hi, Claire and Cate. This looks like a lot of fun and would be easy to do with stuff we already have at home. I wonder what would happen if we used cream, which is thicker than milk. Would it take longer to swirl? Keep up the great experiements and thanks for sharing! 🙂

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