Odd weather patterns

This week there has been odd weather patterns.
For example one day it rained, then it was sunny and after that there was a  sunshower.
And also, my family has a pond and we are fixing it. First we had to take the water out and it kept raining so we’re just happy there is finally sun!
Ever since there has been crazy weather patterns my brother and I have been saying that mother nature is having a bad day!
Sometimes when it has been raining for a long time I want some sun, and when there is a lot of sun I want some rain.
It has also been hailing quite often.
I sure hope these patterns stop soon!

One thought on “Odd weather patterns

  1. Hi claire I just got home from seeing you. Your blog is AWESOME! Where I live in Ontario we have had some wacky weather too! Like last week it was 26 degrees, and then 2 days ago on friday we had a snowstorm! It was freezing at school and at recess we all huddled together. Well I have to go now , but I will go on your Blog again tomorrow.

    Bye Bye, Makayla

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