Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank sadly died when she was only 15.

She had a harder life then you could imagine, all because of an evil man, Adolph Hitler, who tried and managed to kill or injure people who were Jewish in World War II.

She kept a diary when she was hiding in Amsterdam, and today it is one of the most wildly read books.

There were strict rules for Jewish people in the war. For example, they were not able to step foot outside at a certain time. Or there were separate kinds of places like schools or movie theaters and many different places.

They also had to have a Jewish star sewed on to their clothes.

Before this challenge everybody was happy.

Anne was very close to her grandmother. Anne’s grandmother always tried to spoil Anne. In fact, one day her grandmother took her on a bus and there were no seats available so Anne said “will anybody offer a seat for this old lady?” at the age of 4!
What this taught me is that no matter how hard the conditions are you should always think positive
And hope for good things and always be strong.
I think that no matter what culture you are part of people should be treated the same.

25 thoughts on “Who was Anne Frank?

  1. Claire that picture of Anne Frank reminds me of you, not only because you look a little a like but also you are a strong, smart, beautiful girl just like her.

  2. Hello Claire. One of my favourite books is The Diary of Anne Frank. Thank you for reminding me of this very sad and tragic, yet very beautiful story of the human spirit. Love, Frances

  3. Hi Claire. John here, from England. Your last three sentences are very powerful and true. I wish everybody could live that way. I went to Anne Frank’s house a few years ago. It was very moving and I was in tears by the time I got to the end. Did you know that her Dad, Otto, lived until 1980?

      1. It was quite a tall house, Claire. It’s a typical design in the centre of Amsterdam and I remember that it took us quite a long time to go around it, but there was so much to see and think about.

  4. I agree with John. The last three sentences are very powerful. They remind me about how to live at a time when I needed reminding. Thank you. This is a very well done blog about a very strong girl by another very bright girl. Thanks again.

  5. Beautiful post Claire about a very sad story and an important lesson. Thank you for reminding us about Anne and how kind we should be to each other.

  6. Well written Claire, like Anne Frank, your own words are meaningful.
    Pround you are my Granddaughter
    Love Granddad

  7. Claire, your words are very profound and moving. I think we should take a visit one day to her house in Amsterdam, it is quite something. And I agree with Auntie Kim, the resemblance between you and Anne Frank is striking in this picture. xoxo.

      1. Hello C.N.P; I wanted to add that Mia read this blog post and was so intrigued by your thoughts on Anne Frank that she bought a book called “Who is Anne Frank”, and read it in one day. So let’s plan a trip, maybe the mommy’s and the daughters, and we’ll go visit her house. But in the meantime, we are all so looking forward to seeing you this summer! Quelle surprise! Love you and miss you lots! Maga Hasti!

      2. And..I still can’t get over the resemblance you share with Anne. xoxo

  8. Thank you Claire for writing about Anne Frank. It was always one of my favourite books. I think she should be remembered forever! I admire your comments at the end!

  9. Hi Claire, When I opened your blog I totally thought the picture of Anne Frank was you at first! The diary of Anne Frank was always a favorite of mine as well. It’s a book where a lot of kids will get a reality check to how fortunate they really are. Some will soon forget and go back feeling that they have it hard, where those like yourself, will always keep that in the back of their minds and appreciate what life has to offer them. There are always obstacles life will throw at you but knowing that it could be worse helps to stay positive, work through it and learn. Lots of love – Aunt Sue

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