Who was Terry Fox?

Terry Fox was born on July 28 1958.

In 1977, Terry got cancer in his leg and his hard and painful  life began.

When he was at the hospital one day he was reading a magazine with a man that did pretty much the same thing as Terry. That is what inspired him to run.

When he first started the marathon across Canada in 1980 people thought he was crazy. But then people started realizing that he was doing it for a good cause.

During the marathon Terry had a meal like this:

He needed this kind of food so he had more calories.

What I think is very encouraging is that he would always be brave, courageous and a leader.

Sometimes when I get stuck in problems I think of people like Terry, who had a harder life and it reminded me that my problems wont be as bad as that.

If you participate in the Terry Fox Run  great! When Terry ran across Canada, it was called the Marathon of Hope.

If you don’t you should.

It’s a time to have fun and raise money for cancer research.

Sadly Terry died on June 28, 1981.

4 thoughts on “Who was Terry Fox?

  1. Hey Claire.. another great post….. I was 9 y.o. when Terry Fox ran past my elementary school in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. I remember knowing that he was doing something very cool. The image of seeing him run is still very fresh as well as the memory of when he died. A very sad day but what a great legacy he left for all us…. truly remarkable.

  2. A true Canadian hero..and another young person to have left us way too early. It’s nice that you have the Terry Fox Memorial in Beacon Hill Park..which I think is very close to your own cross country race you ran in this past fall. Also cool that he studied Kinesiolgoy/Phys-ed which your parents, your big cousins and yours truly studied. A touching moment for me was watching his Mother carry the Olympic Flag during the 2010 Opening Ceremonies.

    Keep up the awesome work on your posts Claire.

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