At school my class has been studying poetry.

I would really like to share some of my poems.


At a boiling beach

We see graceful birds flying

 Under the bright sun

Science fair

I do not want to  be disgraced

I want to win first place

My heart is pounding

I feel like crying

Wait…… Second place

Hooray! Hooray!

 Oh no,

Next is the race!

Well, those are some of the poems I made.

But last week on Thursday we had a poetry celebration which is where we picked a poem that

We wrote and told it to some parents.

Here is the one I did:

But I want

But I want an orange tattoo!


But I want a red balloon!


But I want a new tea set!


But I want to get a butterfly net!


But I want to take out the garbage!

No… Waaaaiiiiiiitt…… Yes!

3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. The Science Fair poem is an emotion packed poem, and I just love it!! You’re good! No writer’s block with you, Claire! Chapeau, once again!

  2. I loved all your poems Claire..kinda reminds me of someone else in our family who is a good poet. Hint: he lives in the UK.

    So I’m feeling a new blog post is brewing..some about “Ryding” a Bike??

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