I would like a cat

Hello everybody, today I will be blogging about how badly I want another cat. My first cat named Polly, died 2 summers ago. Now I can’t ever fall asleep without thinking about her and sometimes I fall asleep crying. My brother and sister and I have been begging for a while now but we have never gotten another cat. The only thing I am putting on my birthday wishlist is a cat, nothing else. If I do happen to wake up on my birth day to find a cat I won’t stop thanking my parents until I am 100!
If I do get a cat I will name him/her Mumfus or Midnight. I would like a black cat or a spotted cat. Please reply if you have a cat what what his/her name is! My school counsellor (Ms. Lloyd) gave me a book to help me get over my loss. The book is called “The tenth good thing about Barney”. The book is about a boys cat who died and his family had a funeral. The boy didn’t want to watch TV or do anything except lie in bed and think of his cat. His mom came into his room one night and said “For the funeral think of 10 good things about Barney and it can be your speech”. So far, that book has really helped me and now I can go to sleep dreaming happy dreams about Polly, not the bad ones. Now I hope you understand how close I was to Polly and why I want a new cat.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “I would like a cat

  1. We had a cat a few years back. His name was Spritz. He was actually more than a cat : he was a family member! After many years with Spritz as part of our household, we had to part ways because I was terribly allergic to the dander in cats. We were all heartbroken, especially my son, Marc-AndrĂ©, because Spritz was truly HIS cat. It was really a sad and tough time for all of us. In sharing this with you today, I’m hoping that knowing that others have also experienced your loss and your sadness will bring you some consolation. Now for the new cat…I can’t really be objective because I can’t be in a room too long when there’s a cat around. It pains me, but my asthma pains me in a different way. Good luck with this emotionally-filled wish of yours!

  2. I know how you feel. My first cat was named Lizzie. I had her for 8 wonderful years. I cried every night after she passed for several months. After a while I remembered all of the good times so that helped me to stop hurting. I did get another cat about 2 years after Lizzie passed. She is a beautiful black cat I named Pandora.

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