At school we are studying and practicing for an assessment called Foundation Skills Assessment but for short it is called FSA. This Assessment has a numeral section, a long story to write, a short story, and reading comprehension. At school we are just practicing online and on printed paper. Here is how I look before the practice test:

And here is after the test:

So as you can see, it is tiring work!

We will be practicing until the end of February and then the real stuff starts! FSA’s only happen in British Columbia if your in any grade younger than I but it will happen again in Grade 7. My teacher ( Ms. Rees ) is one of the markers of all the tests! So is the other grade 4 teacher at my school. They mark over 100 students work!

I think FSAs are a great learning experience for students in grade four and seven because it is preparing us for future learning.

4 thoughts on “FSA’s

  1. Hi Claire

    Thanks for your latest blog. sure looks like it is tiring. I know you do well, because you are smart and will prepare. By the way, I really like the top you are wearing.

    Love, Frances

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