The lake in our Basement

Last Tuesday, at 10 pm Victoria time and 6 am England time, I wanted to come home and curl up in MY bed in MY room in MY basement (during the night at least)! But I was so wrong! As soon as we got home I ran to the Basement hearing water beneath my feet but I knew I was tired and I was probably just going crazy. I ran to my room (which happens to be in the basement) and turned on the light and screamed. There was a lake beneath my feet. Of course the gods don’t think my family has had enough bad luck because we have had vomit, getting lost, and mostly just bad luck in general. The worst thing possible had just happened! Something that made me laugh was that my mom told someone to check the outside of the house when we were gone and not the inside! There were 3 reasons why we had a flood. There was lots of rain, our drain outside our basement door was clogged, our alarm was broken. I am sad and happy this happened. Sad because every morning for 6-8 more weeks at 8:30 we will have hammers banging in our basement. I am happy because I might finally be able to get purple carpet and a wall painted a colour that’s not beige!

I am pretty upset about this but in a way I am glad it happened. Now my whole family including me have experience for the future. We all have a different story to tell but all related in a way. This is experience.

8 thoughts on “The lake in our Basement

  1. What a great approach to bad things. You have found the good and you are focusing on that. Learn from the bad but look for the good. Never loose that Claire. I vote for a non-beige wall colour also! 🙂

  2. I think your new favourite word should be “bittersweet”! I love the way you zero in on the positive! Good luck with the colour choice!

  3. We could all learn from you Claire. Next time I find myself in a less than positive situation, I will strive to use your example and find a silver (or purple!) lining. xoxo

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