Christmas in London

On December 25th lots of people I know celebrate Christmas. I happened to celebrate Christmas in London!
That night, I was WAY too excited to go to sleep so I put my head on my pillow, picturing the next morning. Ten minutes past when I heard the door open. I thought it was just one of the adults that were staying with us. I just closed my eyes and happily fell asleep for 5 minutes. I woke up in a shock when I heard somebody in the living room, putting down boxes or something solid. I thought it had to be an adult again. But then a big man with a Santa hat, poked his head into my brothers, sisters and my room. Santa. I thought. He quietly tiptoed across the room to put the stockings down.

Well, now you know how that crazy night turned out!
Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Christmas in London

  1. Hi Claire..a little behind in my comments, my apologies. However, I wanted to thank you for all of your posts about your Euro Xmas trip. I have yet to hear many stories about the trip so I’m glad you blogged about it! Thanks for posting the photos! I’m sure Grandad and Jane loved being able to spend Xmas day with you guys. And what memories you will have for years to come when you decorate your Xmas tree with the decorations from the Germany Xmas markets. Love you lots..miss you lots. xoxoxo

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