Nuremberg (2 hour train ride from Frankfurt)

Today I took a train to this place in Germany called Nuremberg. It is smaller than Frankfurt but Nuremberg has the biggest Christmas market in Germany. At the market I had a 25 Euros to spend. I got a Marionette with a spring instead of string, a snow globe, and a yummy candy cane! Here are my treats:

Now that you have seen my treats that my dad got, I HAVE to tell you about the beautiful architecture and structures I saw! The first one I want to share with you is a moving ” cake like” structure. It had 3 layers and you can see through it. On the top of it, there is a wind mill sort of thing that moves. It also looks like a moving umbrella. Another one of the structures we saw was a little less playful and it doesn’t move. It is gold and silver. It is one of my favourites. It’s around 3-4 metres tall, so, pretty big!

We are having Christmas in London England so we need some ornaments for our tree. We got about 15 and they are small, wooden figures. There is a teddy bear, a bumble bee, a Christmas tree with a happy face, an angel and many more. They are all VERY beautiful.

I love Germany!


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