On Tuesday, my family took a 3 in a half hour tran from Germany to Paris, France. Since then we have seen he Eiffel Tower, some friends that came to Paris, and we have skated at the Eiffel Tower.
When we went to see the Eiffel Tower, my parents, once again surprised us. Cate, Cole and I knew where we were going to go but we had NO idea where it was. My parents were mainly filming Cate because if you knew her, you should know that she wants to marry that big tower! As soon as we saw it she said, ” I WANT TO KISS THE EIFFEL TOWER!!!!!” I thought that was pretty weird. Then Cate turned that smile upside down because of “security”. But we still had fun. At the skating rink, Cate skated by herself for the first time! Cole did his usual dramatic falls. And I got to watch all of that while I skated! That was REALLY fun. I am having the best time in Paris and we are always up and at it, but today my parents freaked out because there is no hot water and the stove won’t work so, we won’t be active for another 30 minutes!
Enjoy the photos!

  • 20121220-115256.jpg


    Last night we went to see a friend we haven't seen for a very long time! We helped him with his Christmas tree although, it may need more lights!






    5 thoughts on “Paris!

    1. OK…Now I’m really wishing you had packed me in your suitcase…glitches and all! Hope the surprises and fun continue! Enjoy!

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