1st day in Europe

Today we had a long day. For some of you, you probably just ate lunch! But in Germany, it is 9:35pm! I am definitely not used to the time change yet. In the morning, we went to walk along the river know as Main River. Here is a photo of it!20121216-214231.jpg

After that we went to one of many Christmas markets! Cate was a little tired as you can see,20121216-214423.jpg

My favourite Market was probably the stuffed animal stand. It had bears, wolves, raccoons, koalas etc. For some reason the photo doesn’t want to upload, sorry!

I know I have only been in Frankfurt for a day, but my favourite building has to be the church that we heard all the pretty bell songs from. But when we found it, we oohed and awed at its beauty. I am itching to show you that beautiful building so here it is:


I am really excited for tomorrow!
Enjoy the pics!

8 thoughts on “1st day in Europe

  1. Your descriptions are so great that I feel I’m right there along with you and your family on this amazing trip. Thanks for letting me tag along even if it’s only in my dreams!

  2. Hi Clare – I really enjoyed your blog post. It looks like you saw some beautiful old buildings and interesting new things as well. Did you try and speak any German words? Enjoy your trip! Best regards.

  3. Hi Claire, you have a great blog and taking the time to share is quite special. Keep it up! I’m only sorry I’m just seeing it now since I’ve been pretty sick all Christmas but still managed to have some fun. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Hugs from aunt Sue. xox

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