Airplane to Europe

A couple hours ago my parents surprised Cole, Cate and I with a trip to Europe! First we are going to Germany, then Paris ( witch Cate is especially excited about), Finally Christmas in London!!!

When my parents announced we were going to Europe, we didn’t react that well. We all started to cry. Then my parents talked it through us, and Cate still cried. My parents have pulled a prank ( like thing) on us since 3 weeks ago! My dad got me by talking me to the luggage store and he said ” we need more luggage for our summer travels” and of course, I fell for it. My mom fooled me when I packed 10 outfits and she said ” you are DEFIANTLY gonna need more clothes”.

I am SO tired!!!


9 thoughts on “Airplane to Europe

  1. Ha ha! I was in on the secret, Claire. There is actually a German Christmas market in London right now, so your fun can continue when you get there because it goes right on until Christmas Eve. And you mustn’t forget to see the huge Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, which is a present from Norway. I really hope you enjoy the rest of Germany and Paris and I hope that London makes you feel especially welcome and full of Christmas cheer.

  2. WOW! Great news! Enjoy every moment and please tell Cate Santa will find you all no matter where you are. Merry Christmas!

  3. Keep on blogging about your trip as it will be something you can read about in years to come and you will really appreciate having your memories recorded. By the way..your mom and I have had to speak in code whenever we were talking on the phone so as to not give away the surprise. Enjoy every minute of your trip!

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