Jojo (our loved elf)

Today, we had a long lost friend visit us. His name is Jojo. He is one of Santa’s elf’s and he comes every December 1st. Here is a photo of what he looks like:

If you look closely on our Christmas tree you can see a little elf. We got him around 4 years ago. He is sorta like another Santa because he watches you to see if you really were meant to be on the nice list. Every night he finds a new spot to hide and it is SO much fun to look for him in the mornings! Every year he comes with a book that is sort of like instructions like not to touch him so his magic doesn’t go away and stuff like that. My cousin Mia also has an Elf on the shelf ( that is their name) and she has lots of fun with him to! To get the name that we thought of, I sang in my mind ” get back, get back, get back to where you once belong!” The song the Beatles wrote called Get Back. So now you know, whenever you come to my house after December the first, keep an eye out for Jojo!

6 thoughts on “Jojo (our loved elf)

  1. We used to have an elf like Jojo. He didn’t have a name but it sat in a circle of gold glass like garland…. very 70’s. hmmmm, will have to see if I can find him this Christmas.

  2. Simon misses Jojo! Remember last year when they wore name tags? That was cute. Apparently Simon hung out with the tooth fairy last night at our house!

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