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Hi everybody,

My sister Cate has just started a new blog. She has written a post about our old cat, Polly. She is a very cheerful 5-year-old who wants to share her thoughts. She is a younger me.

 She is in kindergarten and she is at a grade 2 reading level! One of her favorite hobbies is to play dolls, listen to me practice my violin, sing, and do somersaults and cartwheels. She is also really funny! One time she told me ‘where do cows go on there first date? I was just getting my mind started on that question when she blurted out, ”to the mOOvies!, hahahahahaha”. She has the craziest laugh.

 One of her favorite games to play with me is ‘Knot’s and Ropes’. It is very simple. She ties me up. Sometimes, I take her to the park that is a block away from our house. We play grounders and sometimes we take off our shoes and socks and run a lap (in our bare feet) around the field. It is most fun when the grass is wet.

 WARNING. If you ever invite my family to your house beware of CATE!!! She is a VERY picky eater. She wont even eat my moms best Chili!

I hope that after you read this post you will stay on your electronic  device and see Cates BLOG. Here is the URL:



6 thoughts on “Cate’s blog

  1. That blog post was hillarious. I loved the cow joke and I laughed so hard at the simplicity of the “knots and ropes” game. You are also correct that running around in bare feet on wet grass is the best. I will definitely check out Cate’s blog. I hope to see you guys at Christmas.

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