My Thoughts on Leadership

20121111-173406.jpgLeadership is pretty hard but to make it easier for you I will help.

Think of an ant who leads the way or you are a silverback gorilla looking after all the other gorillas. Thinking about animals to be a leader is really helping me and I hope it helps you too. Sometimes if you want to try to be your own leader think of a hamster. Just minding his own business, spinning the wheel. Or think of a real person to help you think of leaders.

To help me I think of people like Terry Fox or Simon Ibell. Leading is fun when you know how to do it! I hope what I am saying makes you think following is bad because its just as good!

20121111-173510.jpgActually, it helps you to lead if you look up to someone.If you like President Obama and you think he is a good role model, look up to him! I like to look up to my mom and dad because they always help me with problems and they are both REALLY smart.

Sometimes you can even look up to younger siblings! Whenever I feel down I go to my sister Cate and hang out with her because it always cheers me up when I am with her!

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Leadership

  1. Awww, thanks Claire. I think you’re really smart too … and I look up to you for leadership learning as well. For example, I had never heard of Simon Ibell until you told me about him. What an inspirational story. And by sharing it with me, you are leading. Love you! Daddio.

  2. Claire – I love hearing what other people think about leadership because I think about it a lot too. I love your comparisons to animals.
    I admire many of the same people you have mentioned. Simon Ibell is a good friend of mine. I would love to share this with him. Let me know if that is OK. Say hi to your family for us all! (Becky Anderson)

  3. As always, an interesting and thought-provoking article with a twist, however, this time : it’s also very touching! I love that you turn to younger sister to cheer you up. I love your honesty. I love your thirst for knowledge. I love how you share your knowledge. I love how you become inspired by others…including leaders in the animal kingdom. I love how you look up to your parents and openly acknowledge your love for them. So for all of these reasons, sweet Claire, you are already a leader in my mind.

  4. Claire, this post was very moving for me to read as your mom and as an educator who is passionate about leadership herself. I loved your example of a hamster spinning in a wheel as I used to have hamsters when I was young and watching them create their own world in their cages was fascinating. I like to use geese for leadership examples too because their work together is how I like to think we as educators work with students and with each other. Your insight and thoughts inspire me. xoxo Love mommy

  5. Wow Claire, what an insightful post, you certainly have a way with words whichi I find very inspirational. Keep writing..maybe you too will have a book published one day! xoxoxo

  6. Very thoughtful post Claire… I agree, your mom and dad are both REALLY smart. I am going to read about Simon Ibell. I have never heard of him, thanks for introducing me!

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