Halloween costumes!

Hello everybody. This year my family has such cool costumes so here they are.

Here I am,

20121012-173538.jpg I am dressed as a goth/ rag doll because I could not decide what to be. Also I used to love dolls so I chose it.

20121012-173651.jpg This is my sister. As you can probably see she is dressed as an aligant angel. I really like how her wings are so real and of course you could probably not resist giving out candy to a cute little girl like her.

20121012-173911.jpg This is my brother. He is a protecter of the royal family.(aka he is a knight) If I were you I would be careful around him because he has his sword!

That is what my brother, sister, and I are being this Halloween.
Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Halloween costumes!

  1. Cool costumes! Love the way you describe all of the costumes! I especially enjoy how you underline the sweetness of your young sister’s looks while cautioning your readers to be mindful of the fact that your brother is walking around with a sword nonetheless. Great job…once again! Happy Halloween!

  2. Dear Claire and Cate and Cole

    Well I can’t get through Halloween without thinking about my great 3 kids, who I love so much.

    I love the stories behind your costumes. Very theatrical! Is this still how you are all going out tomorrow evening? I wish I was there. Please send me some photos as you start the trek.

    Big love to all of you!


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