Grade 3 reflections

Last June school finished and I would like to share what inspired me during the year. I really felt like an astronaut back in Fall when my teacher (Mr. Hawes) helped us do research about a planet that you like. I chose Saturn. Also in first term we wrote our own story. Mine was called the “Magic kitten”.

Then second term began, and that also meant pioneers!

To represent our learning on pioneers we made a model. It could have a farm, it has to have a house, and it could show something like what they would wear, what was a need and want, what was same and different and a couple more. My partner Tori and I made great progress! I am glad that we worked on multiplication and division, it was fun!

Now  third term. Science was the best when we studied  about plants. We had a chance to watch three plants grow. I chose a pea plant, tomato and radish.

We loved social studies because we chose a province of Canada and did lots of research about it. I chose Prince Edward Island. Also to top our research off  on Canada we made really cool Powerpoint presentations.

Last year was the best year of my life all because of my wonderful teachers. I really liked how all of our teachers really got our minds really thinking about something and most of all because each and every one of them has a great way of being fun, creative, interesting, and smart!

11 thoughts on “Grade 3 reflections

  1. Dear Claire

    Today you were constantly on my mind. I wondered if I would hear from you now that you are back in school. And here you are! There is a saying that says , “There are no coincidences”. That means that is was meant to be that I would be thinking of you and hear from you. It is first and foremost because you are very special to me and I love you. I think it also means that I was thinking of you and you and your school, and you were thinking of your school and chose to share it with people you care about, and that includes me. Lucky me! Thank you for this great story on your blog. Love, Frances

  2. Sounds like your Grade 3 teachers knocked it out of the ball park last year for you. That’s great! Do you want to know something though? It was fun for you because I truly sense that you are a keen and interested learner and that makes you happy and teachers happier still. Good luck in grade 4! Will be looking forward to reading your posts once again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love of learning!

  3. I agree with Denise Daoust. Because you love to learn by doing, you will always love learning more. You see the best in your teachers and therefore you get the best experiences. Keep it up. I like to see your posts and what you are experiencing. Good luck in the coming school year Claire.

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