Lucca, Our New Cat!!!

About 3 weeks ago my parents said that the only way we could get a cat is if I wrote a proposal. So I did, but it wasn’t really what they were thinking. That blog post I did about me wanting a cat was my proposal! They read it and after that they were on my moms iPad searching for the perfect cat! The first place we looked was not where we found Lucca.

Last Monday my dad was in Vancouver and he phoned us and said he had some important news. ” We can get the cat if you follow these rules, No fighting, No yelling, play together, and BE CALM”. So for that whole week Cole, Cate, and I did all of those things.

At last Friday came! While my dad walked us home from school I felt like I could sing. I would come home to my own cat! I ran through the front door and, nobody was home except for the workers fixing the flood in my basement. Okay no cat yet. 2 long hours past and finally my dad said “kids, you have a visitor!” And when I ran down the staircase I had a huge smile on my face! On the dining room table I saw a cage with an amazing looking cat in it! After about an hour she was used to our home and now she is so curious! My sister and I moved our bed around in our room and Lucca came in and by the expression oh her face you could see she was thinking ” What the Heck???”

17 thoughts on “Lucca, Our New Cat!!!

  1. Hi Claire, Cate and Cole,
    Kate and I are so happy about your new family member! Cats are amazing and teach us so much ! Lots of love,
    MS R and Kate xo

  2. Hi Claire
    What a great addition to your family! Cats make brilliant friends but like all friends they need their space too! She’ll settle in in no time and will start finding all her favourite places to sleep and observe her new world.
    Enjoy every minute.
    Love Jane x

  3. Hi Claire,
    So happy to hear about your new-meow family member! Cats are wonderful! Am glad you found each other. Am wondering if there is a story behind her name? Did you name her or did she come with her name?

  4. Hey Claire! I’m so excited for you! I bet your new cat is sooooo cute. I have a surprise for you ( drumroll please ) I got a kitten too! We got him last june and he is soooo cute! His name is Ducky and we got him from the SPCA. Good Luck with Lucca!

    Luv Makayla😺😺😸😺😸😺😸

  5. Claire,
    Lucca suits your family very well..she hasn’t even been there for very long, but she seems like she has always lived with you! I forgot to ask where did her name come from?

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