Interesting travel day

A few weeks ago my dad decided to take me to the Canucks hockey game today for my birthday present. Because it’s just the 2 of us he wanted to take the float plane to Vancouver, also my first time. When all my bags were packed and all the excitement was stored up for the plane ride we got to the harbour air float plane terminal and waited for about 5 minutes and then we boarded the plane. I was SO excited because my mom said I might see some whales. As soon as I buckled my seat belt on, the pilot announced to all the people on that tiny plane that there would be a 20 minute delay. My dad sighed and I moaned. 20 minutes later we were in the harbour air waiting area and on the speakers we heard “please wait another 20 minutes to board the plane due to the weather. Sorry for the inconvenience.” The problem was the fog. So we waited and then the same announcement came on so my dad tried to get tickets on a helicopter. Of course that backfired too, it was full. So we got in a cab and went to the ferries. Now my dad and I are on the boat in the lounge relaxing. Now all the Chaos is done, or is it?


4 thoughts on “Interesting travel day

  1. Hi Claire. I love the ending to your post. Did you make your hockey game? It’s good to leave your readers in suspense..
    I’ve also been on a journey this week. At the moment I’m in Hong Kong visiting my son Michael – he’s 23 years old and is on his way to a new job in Taiwan. We have enjoyed a few days together visiting all the tourist attractions and eating far too much of course. Michael has been working in Australia for 2 years so we had a lot of news to catch up on. Perhaps when you are older you can travel and explore the world – there is so much to see and it makes you very resourceful and independent.
    Have a great week, Jane x

  2. Sounds like a day of planes, trains and automobiles….. or I guess planes, cars and ferries!

    Hope you were a good luck charm for the Canucks and Happy Birthday!

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